We grew up in Switzerland Zürich, where when I was 18 Years old, wanted to start a new challenge which was to open a brand new Company about housekeeping. Me and my Brother had some good connections where we could start to care for some houses and schools.

At this time, housekeeping wasn’t that famous. When we had enough Expirience, we build our own Company calls: JaHousekeeping GmbH. Same time we tried to organize some employers who want to work for a little amount of money maybe over holidays something like that.

In 5 Years we grew up so much, we are now one of the most popular Housekeeping Company which guarantee all our Customers a clean Building.
With our 24Hour Pikett-Service we have a good organized Company, who take care of all.
No mather what, we will find a good solution!


Im the older Brother who learned housekeeping in a school like also in a Hospital.

For me it is important to organize things well, have the overview about the building. Whenever there is something to get done quickly and in an absolute high quality, im the exact person, to contact.

All around Housekeeping is in my Hands as well as the Cleaning Service. With our competent employees we guarantee every Customer a clean household, also with my as the optimal caretaker who has the overview about the whole building your building will be clean maintained.

Our Motto:
“Team Work make Dreams Work”


Im the younger Brother who learned Gardener in a School and also in a Privat Firma.

The most important thing for me, is to bring green to life. If there is something to get done in your Garden, let me know, I have the hand for it.

Plants growing the whole year as well as our gardening group is learning and growing the whole Year.
We guarantee you a good quality in your plants, weither its Summer, Winter or something else.
With the competent eomployees and team we have, we guarantee you the very best Quality in our work.

Our Motto:
“Bring green to life”

Who we are?

Our Company has a Team with experts in maintenance buildings. We are qualified for different cleaning Methods. From Maintenance Cleaning, Caretaker, Garden Maintenance, Window Cleaning, Special cleaning up to cleaning whole Events correct and guarantee you high quality in our Work.

We are a Team that search together for solutions, if you are a person who contributes a lot, you will fit in perfect!

“Team work make dreams work”