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Who we are?

Our Company has a Team with experts in maintenance buildings. We are qualified for different cleaning Methods. From Maintenance Cleaning, Caretaker, Garden Maintenance, Window Cleaning, Special cleaning up to cleaning whole Events correct and guarantee you high quality in our Work.

We are a Team that search together for solutions, if you are a person who contributes a lot, you will fit in perfect!

“Team work make dreams work”

The right Personal for your Household

In 2003, we were the first company in Switzerland to specialize in household cleaning. We recognize connections and work in a need- and solution-oriented manner. One of the main factors of our success is the assignment of the right cleaning ladies to the appropriate households and a serious introduction to the work environment. We take care of everything for you, from administration and deployment planning to the holiday replacement of your permanently assigned cleaning lady.

Quality has top Priority at our cleaning Company

Every job from your cleaning company in Zurich is carried out reliably with commitment and an eye for detail. Customer satisfaction is our top priority as a cleaning company. That is why we only have jobs carried out by well-trained and trained cleaning staff in order to be able to fully fulfill the trust placed in us. Every employee in our cleaning company knows the importance of thoroughness and punctuality. You’ll quickly see the difference it makes working with a professional cleaning company.

For most of the customers of our cleaning company in Zurich, professionalism plays a decisive role in everyday work. The employees of our cleaning company regularly take part in training courses and are constantly educating themselves in order to be able to provide the best possible cleaning performance at all times. This also means that, as a modern cleaning company in Zurich, we rely on technology and, of course, carefully select the cleaning agents used – also in terms of environmental protection.

We carry out periodic quality checks of office cleaning. You will receive the test sheets for the controls by email. There is always a fixed contact person from our cleaning company available.